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What has sustained me and motivated me to play jazz piano has been my aspiration for growth and my strong curiosity. As a performer, it is a constant struggle to stay vulnerable in front of an audience. But I can’t stop myself from going on this journey. I’m driven by the wish to see what new place I can reach and how I will feel in that moment . The more I play, the more I find something interesting by taking the metaphorical side street or back alley; they always add colors to my musicality and life. So, I keep taking these detours understanding that I may not know where the journey may lead, but I am enjoying the challenge.

I am an improviser in the tradition of all creative people.

…a short excerpt from Kohta Nakai’s Recital at Berklee College of Music. Feb.2020.


Kohta, born in Tokyo/Japan, started his musical career in 2013 while working as an engineer in Singapore. Since then he has performed 70+ gigs per year across a diverse range of genres and venues, from a lovely small cafe to a big stage such as Singapore International Jazz Festival, from old blues to contemporary experimental music. 

His never-ending passion, finally in 2018, brought him to Berklee College of Music as a full-time student with scholarship awarded by Berklee. He is now evolving himself by embracing precious days to explore deeper world of music.