Sidewalk Swingers just dropped 2nd EP “REBUILD”

Sidewalk Swinger is the Singapore-based combo style band that plays New Orleans traditional music with a modern arrangement, contemporary jazz, New Orleans Funk, New Orleans R&B etc. Eriko Murakami (tb), Kohta Nakai (pf/keys), Arthur Wiyono (ba), Yohei Kanda (ds), with guest musician Vignesh Mohandasan (tp).

Top 1 in iTunes Store in Singapore (Jazz Category)

“Sidewalk Swingers did a perfect job. wonderful with his REBUILD EP.”

– Roadie Music

“What kind of emotions can result from music when you listen to the improvisation of live, wind instruments? Your soul feels rejoicing, all negative emotions are retreating and everything flourishes. All these and many more are hidden in this magnificent jazz composition.”


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What has sustained me and motivated me to play jazz piano has been my aspiration for growth and my strong curiosity. As a performer, it is a constant struggle to stay vulnerable in front of an audience. But I can’t stop myself from going on this journey. I’m driven by the wish to see what new place I can reach and how I will feel in that moment . The more I play, the more I find something interesting by taking the metaphorical side street or back alley; they always add colors to my musicality and life. So, I keep taking these detours understanding that I may not know where the journey may lead, but I am enjoying the challenge.

I am an improviser in the tradition of all creative people.

short excerpt from Kohta Nakai’s Recital at Berklee College of Music. Feb.2020.


Kohta, born in Tokyo/Japan, started his musical career in 2013 while working as an engineer in Singapore. Since then he has performed 70+ gigs per year across a diverse range of genres and venues, from a lovely small cafe to a big stage such as Singapore International Jazz Festival, from old blues to contemporary experimental music. 

His passion, in 2018, brought him to Berklee College of Music as a full-time student with 75% scholarship awarded by Berklee. He presented two rounds of his own recitals, and joined multiple projects performing with talented musicians from all around the world, including Korea/Japan tour in 2019-2020. In 2021, despite of covid-19 pandemic, he accomplished his study and graduated with the highest honor Summa Cum Laude with GPA4.0.

After graduation he moved to Dallas/TX, resuming engineering work. His never ending passion keeps him creating music and performing in Dallas music scene.