6-Aug.2020 :
Data Source Added (Brazilian, Country & Pop)

2-Aug.2020 :
Data Source Added (Latin, Blues & Bluegrass)

31-Jul.2020 :


Hi, I'm Kohta Nakai, jazz pianist.

About this dashboard :
Table of Contents gives you a better understanding on this dashboard, quick summaries of each analysis, and tips for your fun experience.

About data source :
I created database by parsing musicXML files of each song in below.
- Jazz : iRealPro's playlist "Jazz 1350 Standards" created by Niki.
- Blues : iRealPro's playlist "Blues 50" created by massimobio.
- Bluegrass : iRealPro's playlist "Blueglass 300" created by Starfish.
- Country : iRealPro's playlist "Country 50" created by Starfish.
- Latin : iRealPro's playlist "Latin 50" created by massimobio.
- Brazilian : iRealPro's playlist "Brazilian 150" created by massimobio.
- Pop : iRealPro's playlist "Latin 50" created by massimobio.
(Thank you creators for such a great playlists. Respect and appreciation.)

About data cleansing :
There are varieties in the mannar of coding songs in iRealPro's data format (musicXML) by different creators.
But for now, I try not to give much arbitrary interpretation which may prevent us from discovering something shiny.
I just gave minimum data cleansing for the sake of ease in viewing.
Applied pre-processes are listed at the bottom of each page for your reference.

About copyrights :
In consideration of copyrights, this page does not shows entire chord charts nor lyrics.

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